Whoever has hold a „Domgeige“ in his hands, has listened to or even has played it will always remember this experience. This violin has something special, something unique—and that not only because of its sound but also because of its history.


Even its origin has contributed a little bit to the legend: in 1947 the “Tonholzhändler “Franz Fuchs was searching sounding wood for excellent violins - and he found it in the ruins of the famous “Frauenkirche” of Munich, large, broken beams from the dome more than 500 years old.


One of these violins, which was made in the upper wood out of this legendary valuable “Domholz”, you can purchase from us.


Its uniqueness is obvious:


In this Domholz, felled more than 500 years ago, the resin is completely crystallized.-The result of it is a structure enhancing vibration, which has no equal. Also due to the slightly loose cohesion within the wood the oscillation impulses can be brought out more easily and more sensitively in the sound than it is possible with instruments made of fresher wood.


Experience has shown that these wonderful Domgeigen have following undeniable advantages. They are created by a master hand and they show the same high level of quality as the violins of Stradivari or Guarneri del Gesu:


  • - Much easier response

  • - Better resonance

  • - Greater sonority

  • - More beautiful modulation


For only a few masterpieces of this kind have been created until now , the Domgeige – almost 60 years after its creation- has become a precious treasure for collectors and music lovers from all over the world.


Each violin is provided with a serial number and is registered as ”Domgeige” The documents and confirmations are included, your guarantee for the authenticity and the age of the wood, more than 500 years old.


We offer you the special opportunity to acquire one of these excellent instruments.


As a musician or when you are a collector or music lover you will enjoy this “Domgeige”.